Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ARZone Podcast 34: ARZone's Vegan Buddies.

In this special podcast, the ARZone team introduce their Vegan Buddies programme. Vegan Buddies is a vegan mentoring scheme designed to help new and aspiring vegans to become and stay vegan. In this podcast, listeners are given a brief "audio tour" of the main features of ARZone's Vegan Buddies initiative which can be accessed via the main Animal Rights Zone (ARZone) website. At this stage, ARZone are appealing for people to step forward and volunteer to become Vegan Buddy mentors by contacting veganbuddies@arzone.net

The ARZone Vegan Buddies programme is dedicated to the memory of British animal advocate Neil Lea (1958-2007).

ARZone have also produced a new short V I D E O about the Vegan Buddies programme.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

ARZone Podcast 33: Philosopher David Pearce

David Pearce is without doubt a controversial figure within the animal advocacy movement. He is a British negative utilitarian and transhumanist philosopher and author of the online text calling for the end of suffering for all sentient life, The Hedonistic Imperative.

In 2002, David Pearce co-founded the Abolitionist Society, which has "Towards the abolition of suffering through science" as its subtitle. Pearce is the author of "The Abolitionist Project" (which includes a 34 minute podcast) which is about "getting rid of suffering."

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