Saturday, July 22, 2017

ARZone Interview 91 ~ Matt Ball Responds

Episode 91 features long time advocate, Matt Ball. 

Matt has been a globally recognised advocate for other animals, for vegetarian diets and for applied ethics for over two decades. He has presented at, and written for diverse forums over the past two decades. Matt has written dozens of essays, articles, editorials and book chapters, and is the co-author (with Bruce Friedrich) of The Animal Activist’s Handbook (2007) and in 2014 he published The Accidental Activist. 

Matt is currently President and co-founder of One Step for Animals. 

Matt joins us today to speak about One Step For Animals, which he co-founded, and more specifically about the Vox video that was recently published and the reaction to that video.

To listen to this interview, please click HERE or use the player below. 

To watch the VOX video that we discuss, please see HERE