Thursday, May 10, 2018

ARZone Total Liberation Interview 14 ~ Carol J. Adams

In this interview we were thrilled to welcome our special guest, Carol J. Adams. 

Carol is the author of more than 20 books, including the ground breaking The Sexual Politics of Meat now in a 25th anniversary edition. Burger, just released in Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons Series and the forthcoming Protest Kitchen: Fight Injustice, Save the Planet, and Fuel Your Resistance One Meal at a Time. She is also the author of over 100 articles on the topics of vegetarianism and veganism, animal advocacy, domestic violence and sexual abuse, with a focus on the interconnections between forms of violence against humans and against other animals.

Carol has been an inspiring leader of the animal movement for decades, is highly respected for her work and has been a mentor to countless other advocates. To read Carol's article on DxE that was discussed in this interview, please CLICK HERE. 

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

ARZone Total Liberation Interview 13 ~ Harley McDonald Eckersall

In this interview we were very excited to welcome our special guest, Harley McDonald-Eckersall. 

Harley is one of the directors and founding members of an exciting new Australian group called Young Voices for Animals or YVA (pronounced ee-vah). 

Founded in early 2017, YVA is a group run for youth, by youth, with a vision to educate, and empower the next generation of young people working towards animal liberation. This year they have launched their first project, Catalyst, which is a youth leadership and development program designed to allow young people the opportunity to take a concern for other animals to the next level and start building a better future. 

Harley is also passionate about using stories to change our perception of other animals and see them for who they really are. With a deep interest in social justice, she's spent the last two years serving as a volunteer for a number of organisations while studying a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre) and a Master of Cultural and Creative Industries at Monash University.

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