Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ARZone Podcast 7. General Orders.

ARZone's special guest for this episode is Ronnie "The General" Lee, longtime British animal protectionist, co-founder of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), and ethical vegan since 1971.

Ronnie provides ARZone Podcast listeners with an action-packed trip down memory lane as well as a powerful thought-provoking vision for a radical vegan future in which humanity returns to inhabiting the Earth rather than "occupying" the globe as a "dominating, tyrannical, force."

See what you think of Ronnie's ideas about human supremacy, arson, single-issue campaigning, scrapping the private car and mechanised farming, the world population, vegan festivals, violence, and a dog who is thin and brown.

The ARZone team for this podcast was Carolyn Bailey, Barbara DeGrande, Tim Gier and Roger Yates.

You can also listen to the podcast by using THIS LINK.


compassionforanimals2012 said...

Just loving these podcasts!! What an honour, and education to hear Ronnie reminisce and share his simple clear vision of a world in peace and balance. Most touching of all is his lifelong unstinting dedicated effort to help the animals.
Louise, London

Barbara DeGrande said...

I agree, Louise. Ronnie has decades of experience and despite the travails of our difficult movement for animal liberation, he has remained peaceful and eternally kind -- and even retains his sense of humor. Whenever I get discouraged, I rouse myself by considering Ronnie Lee and Roger Yates and all the activists who have paved the way for those of us just getting started this decade. I do not know how they keep going and remain so patient with the rest of us, but I am grateful to them for what they do and who they are.

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