Thursday, October 20, 2011

ARZone Podcast 19 (Pt. 1): Entanglements of Oppression and Liberation.

This time and next, the ARZone Team discuss David Nibert's "entanglements thesis" laid out in the 2002 book Animal Rights/Human Rights: Entanglements of Oppression and Liberation with Professor Nibert himself, and with Dr. Helen Masterman-Smith of Charles Sturt University.

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Episode 19b can be heard HERE


richard mcmahan said...

Thanks for yet another fine podcst A.R.Z.
Near the end of the program Tim Gier asked all (except Roger, humorously enough), to speculate as to the future of the A.R. movement. Perhaps there would have been a slight bit more optimism (even Ronnie, I believe), had the shows interviewees not suggested the necessity of ending the capitalist system, let alone, procuring the blessing's of trade unionists. As beautiful as both these fine efforts are, I'm not inclined to believe capitalists as the problem, nor believe unionists likely to be any kind of 'gateway' community. Lets take comfort in critical mass theory. Remember, we need not all understand why we act as we do. People need only find comfort, support and condemnation for their actions from within their/our community. Monetary systems and unions are not local enough to qualify as communities. Our friends and family are.
Ask the "what does the future behold' question of all your guests, it would be interesting to hear the response. If time allows, ask Roger as well!
Thanks again A.R.Z.,You do good things.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, and kind words, Richard.

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