Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ARZone Podcast 46: Brad King - Farm Animal Rescue Australia

Episode 46 episode features special guest Brad King.

Brad King is the founder of Farm Animal Rescue Australia, a new sanctuary in Queensland Australia. Brad speaks with us about the needs of the rescued animals, the challenges of running a sanctuary, how connecting people with living beings is a great form of vegan outreach and education, the role of government in animal agriculture and much more. Approx 50 min audio podcast..

The individuals cared for at the Farm Animal Rescue Australia sanctuary have been rescued from the animal agricultural industry, some having been part of the horrors of concentrated animal feeding operations.

Farm Animal Rescue’s new 55 acre base of operations, just north of Brisbane, includes a 45 acre sanctuary, 8 acres of native rainforest, plans for an education centre, cabins, campgrounds and office space for Farm Animal Rescue staff members.;

Farm Animal Rescue will not only be taking in and caring for numerous neglected and “used up” individuals, but will also campaign against other animals being used as commodities at all..

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Please click here to visit Farm Animal Rescue Australia on the web.

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