Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ARZone Podcast 60: Karol Orzechowski - Maximum Tolerated Dose

Episode 60 features activist, vegan and creator of still and moving images, Karol Orzechowski.

Karol Orzechowski, a long time advocate for social justice causes, has recently produced and directed the full length documentary Maximum Tolerated Dose. MTD presents accounts of experimentation on other animals from the perspectives of the humans who have performed it as well as of the other animals who have survived it. Karol speaks with ARZone about his art and his activism - how they come together and how they stay apart. Audio podcast approx 95 minutes.

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Please click here for more information on the film Maximum Tolerated Dose.

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Visit this page to keep up with all of Karol's work: Decipher Images.

To learn more about MTD's Lush Prize click here.

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Karol mentions the online archive Conflict Gypsy.

Read Tom Regan's ARZone interview.

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