Sunday, February 24, 2013

ARZone Podcast 64: Karen and Michael Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!

Episode 64 features Karen and Michael Budkie of Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (

Michael Budkie once worked in laboratories as an Animal Health Technician, witnessing first hand the traumas inflicted on other animals. Karen and Michael discuss the work that SAEN does in uncovering the abuse of other animals who are experimented on, the role of money in scientific research, and most importantly, what any person who cares about other animals can do to stop exploitation now. Audio podcast, approx 65 minutes.

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SAEN, founded by the Budkies in 1996, is a grassroots organisation in the United States that is focused on ending the abuse of other animals in laboratories.  

The Budkies campaign, educate and investigate full time throughout the US. SAEN calls attention to - and in many cases has put a stop to - experimentation on primates and other individuals, the seizures by labs of dogs and cats from shelters, as well as revealing many other forms of routine abuse.

Find SAEN on Facebook here.

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