Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ARZone Intersectionality Interview 10 - Carol J. Adams

Episode 10 features pioneering author Carol J. Adams.

Carol J. Adams has been one of the most inspirational leaders of the animal advocacy movement for decades. She is a writer, speaker, and activist as well as a mentor to countless animal advocates. As well as writing the groundbreaking book, The Sexual Politics of Meat, Carol has authored more than 20 other books, as well as countless articles and essays in magazines, journals and other texts.

Since the 1970’s, Carol’s activism has been deeply involved in the real-world experience of working for social justice – for example against domestic violence, homelessness, racism and violence toward both humans and other animals. Audio podcast, 44 mins.

Please click here to read the article by Carol J. Adams mentioned in the podcast.

Carol J. Adams with Inky (on lap) and Holly at the Encore Park Community Garden, Dallas, Texas

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