Saturday, February 17, 2018

ARZone Total LIberation Interview 11 ~ Mary Lawrence

In this interview we were pleased to welcome our special guest, Mary Lawrence. 

Mary is a vegan chef and wellness educator. She’s also a board member of the American Vegan Society, and a frequent speaker at vegan events in the United States.  She holds a certificate in plant based nutrition, a BA in English, and an MA in Communication. 

Through advocacy that includes cooking classes and engaging conversations, Mary helps to make the vegan transition as easy as possible, more affordable - and delicious. 

Mary joined us to speak about her brand new book, Eat Vegan with Me, a book which is about vegan-friendly food, and much more. She also covered issues such as overcoming obstacles, family dynamics, self care, reducetarianism and much more. 

To listen to this interview, please click HERE or use the player below.

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