Wednesday, June 13, 2018

ARZone Total Liberation Interview 16 ~ Michelle Carrera

In today’s interview we welcome our special guest, Michelle Carrera. 

Michelle is a professional translator, writer, and founding director of the vegan non-profit Chilis on Wheels, which is an organisation that helps to provide people in need with warm vegan meals via chapters across the US and in Puerto Rico.

Michelle has worked with a wide range of animal advocacy organisations, and has also worked in adult literature, immigration, food justice and reproductive rights initiatives. Such a wide spectrum of activism has shaped her view of connected struggles. She also leads talks on veganism and hunger, low income vegan living and community building. 

Michelle joins us today to speak about all of these issues, as well as her contribution to the new book, Veganism in an Oppressive World. 

To listen to this interview please CLICK HERE, or use the player below. 

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