Friday, March 29, 2019

Omari McQueen ARZone Vegfest UK Interview

In this interview we were joined by budding business sensation, Omari McQueen. 

Omari, who is already an award winning chef, has always had a passion for cooking, and started his own You Tube channel called “The Mari Maker Show”, as well as his own vegan business, Dipalicious, all by the age of ten! Omari’s dips are not only delicious, he makes them all himself, before sharing them with the world via the Dipalicious website. Each dip is 100% vegan. 

Omari was part of Vegfest UK Brighton this year and he (and his Mum, Leah) joined us to speak about Omari’s work, what he took from  Vegfest UK Brighton and how Omari has already had so much success. 

To listen to this interview CLICK HERE or use the player below. 


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