Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ARZone Podcast 9. Speciesism and Capitalism.

This time the ARZone team explore the ideology of speciesism and The Big C - Capitalism. Using themes from Professor David Nibert's "entanglements thesis," should we understand speciesism as rather more than simply a prejudice held by indviduals? To what extent is capitalism a major structural impediment to the liberation of all human and other animals? Can we see a vegan capitalist future - or do we have to become anti-capitalists to be animal liberationists?

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Siddharth Iyer said...

About the point about waiting for our ecology to go past the tipping point and forcing capitalism to end, I feel that it is important highlight that the people who will be affected the worst are the same countries that are currently suffering from western capitalism. Major western corporations force people in many parts of Africa and Asia into poverty with no hope of ever coming up. Plus, the effect of our current consumption practices on the weather would effect these people, the ones closest to the tropics, the most. Powerful capitalists like the USA would continue to leech out as much resources from these countries as possible and would inevitably be the last to be affected. I think waiting for the effects of over consumption, which is predominantly from western capitalistic countries, as an eventual answer to our problems could be seen as a privileged position.

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