Thursday, September 8, 2011

ARZone Podcast 13. Unlucky for Thomas Janak.

Thomas Janak of Wild Time Radio

Thomas Janak is the host of Wild Time radio, a pet psychologist and ananimal healer. Thomas has performed 190 interviews and has a wide array of experiences in talking with animal people.

Thomas discusses his successful radio show, explaining its transformation from a human rights show to one focused on animal rights. We also discuss his own transformation and the many and varied topics he’s covered on Wild Time over the years.
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Roger Yates said...

Clarification. Tim kindly asked Thomas a Roger question (in my absence) about whether the national organisations still have a role in modern day internet-driven advocacy movements. Tim mentioned PeTA and the RSPCA in this respect. However, I would suggest that there is important differences between the two.

The RSPCA, as a traditional animal welfare organisation, does a lot of good rescue work, and works closely with police forces busting up dog-fighting rings, etc. I believe the RSPCA do a great job in many respects - they are often at the forefront in caring for "neglect" cases. Given that the RSPCA do not pretend to be anything other than what they are, they make a valuable contribution.

Not so PeTA. PeTA's use-by date has long gone as far as I can make out, and certainly their childish sexism has no place in a modern progressive social movement arena. I would suggest that their contribution to juvenile celeb-shallow culture also leaves a great deal to be desired. Their killing of nonhuman individuals is appalling.

People will say - yes but what fantastic materials they produce. This is true, they do produce useful DVDs, etc. This, however, is ~not~ because they are especially good animal advocates - and it certainly is not because they have a good philosophical view on human-nonhuman relations - it is because they can afford to produce them. It is that simply.

There are millions of animal advocates who, given access to their resources, could do as well or better, especially those who would not think twice of trying to persuade young women living in a patriarchal culture to take their clothes off "for the animals."

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