Sunday, November 25, 2012

ARZone Podcast 56: Jonathan Balcombe - Pleasurable Kingdom

Episode 56 features ethologist, author, public speaker and vegan advocate, Dr. Jonathan Balcombe.  

Dr. Balcombe speaks with ARZone about his work with the newly launched Humane Society University, about the Experience of Pleasure and the Elimination of Suffering, as well as about the complex inner lives of fishes, language and communication in other animals, and much more. Audio Podcast, approx 57 minutes.

Dr. Balcombe has three biology degrees, including a PhD in ethology (the study of animal behaviour) from the University of Tennessee. Jonathan has published more than 40 scientific papers on animal behaviour, humane education and animal research. He is also the author of four books, The Use of Animals in Higher Education: Problems, Alternatives and Recommendations, Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good, Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals, and The Exultant Ark: A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure. Jonathan was formerly the Senior Research Scientist with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and is currently Chair of the Animal Studies Department with the Humane Society University.  

Please watch Dr. Balcombe's video presentation on the complex inner lives of fishes.

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