Friday, December 21, 2012

ARZone Podcast 58: Ronnie Lee - Encouraging Vegan Education

Episode 58 features ARZone admin Ronnie Lee.

Ronnie Lee, famous as the founder of ALF (Animal Liberation Front), speaks with his fellow ARZone admins about his most recent project called Encouraging Vegan Education (EVE). He also talks about why the ALF has not been as effective as many had hoped, about the long history of veganism within the animal protection movement, about the best ways to reach out to non-vegans, and about the importance of patience in the struggle for the rights of other animals. Audio podcast, approx. 58 minutes.

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SuzieB said...

Great stuff Ronnie. It's the most important thing we can do to save lives as more animals suffer and die for the food industry than for anything else. Got a big buzz when a neighbour's young son went veggie due to my window poster and gentle talk. His mum's following him now. Didn't even have to leave my house!!!! But I do that too :)

Ronnie Lee said...

Thanks, Suzie. Great to hear what happened with your neighbour and her son. There are some people who are basically animal-haters and no amount of posters or gentle talk is ever going to change them, but most folks aren't like that and only eat meat etc. because of the way they've been socialised. In that sense they are the victims of the animal abuse industries too and we need to be gentle and kind with them to help them to realise how they've been conned into financially supporting the suffering and slaughter of animals and that there is a way to live happily and healthily without being part of that.

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