Saturday, October 20, 2018

ARZone Vegfest UK London 2018 Series ~ Dan Kidby & Massimo Viggiani

In this interview we were pleased to be joined two special guests, Dan Kidby and Massimo Viggiani. 

Dan is a campaigner, social movement researcher, trainer and animal lover. He is a co-founder of Animal Think Tank, a collective which seeks to develop and share knowledge about how to build an inclusive and strategic mass movement for animal liberation. He was a deckhand during Operation Nemesis, Sea Shepherd’s most recent anti-whaling mission in Antarctica and he has been active in various social justice movements ranging from free education, climate justice, the rights of indigenous people and more.

Massimo has a master’s degree in Arts and Humanities and a postgraduate degree in Education. He writes for anti-speciesist Italian pages on social media and currently co-organises events in Italy for The World Day for the End of Speciesism and other events. Massimo is opposed to speciesism and to all other forms of oppression. 
Both Dan and Massimo  manage the Facebook page, Animal Resistance, which is linked to in this interview. 

Dan will be speaking at Vegfest UK in London this year, and both him and Massimo joined us to speak about that talk and about their work with Animal Resistance. 

To listen to this interview please CLICK HERE or use the player below. 


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